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6 Tips For Practicing Gratitude With Your Kids

  A gratitude practice means taking time each day to think about and actively acknowledge the good in our lives. People who practice gratitude are happier, more positive, less stressed,...
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    Best Sunscreens for Your Kids and the Planet

    When choosing a sunscreen, you want a product that is as safe as possible for your child as well as for the ocean. Most commercial sunscreens have chemicals that do...
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    Easy Canvas Painting Frame Craft

    For this fun kids craft I'm taking you with me down memory lane, back to when my now five- and six-year-old boys were wee toddlers of one and three. They...
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    Best Kids Subscription Boxes

    If you haven’t tried a subscription box for your favorite young human yet, the time has come! Subscription boxes are educational activity boxes that give you the opportunity to spend...
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    Must-Have Board Books for Babies and Toddlers

    We have a few well-loved board books that are barely still holding together. My babies loved holding them, chewing them, and reading them over and over and over. Reading with your baby makes for fun bonding time. All of the below books were a hit with my babies from before they could sit on their own…
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